About Alpha Ship Supplies
At Alpha Ship Supplies, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your ship supply needs, catering to commercial vessels and ships arriving in the USA from worldwide destinations. Our extensive inventory covers a comprehensive list of categories, ensuring you have access to everything you require for a seamless voyage.

Personnel Protective Equipment: Safety is paramount, and we provide top-quality protective gear for your crew.

Hoses, Couplings, Valves: Essential components for maintaining your vessel’s functionality.

Pipes, Elbows, Tees, Flanges, etc.: A wide range of plumbing supplies to keep your systems running smoothly.

Charts, Publications, and Signages: Navigational aids and reference materials for safe voyages.

Oil Spill Emergency Equipment: Preparedness for any unexpected situations.

Nautical and GMDSS Equipment: Communication and navigation equipment for reliable performance.

Hatch Sealing Tapes: Keeping your cargo and vessel secure.

Radio Room Consumables: Supplies for efficient communication.

High-Pressure Deck Cleaning Equipment: Maintaining cleanliness and safety on board.

ISPS Stores: Meeting international security standards.

Asbestos-Free Packing and Jointing: Ensuring safety in engine components.

Lube Oils and Hydraulic Fluids: High-quality lubricants for smooth operation.

Adhesive and Lubricants: Essential for maintenance and repairs.

Hot and Cold Welding Equipment: Tools for onboard repairs.

Bearings, Seals, and V-Belts: Critical components for machinery.

Pneumatic and Electric Pumps: Versatile pumps for various applications.

Cotton Waste and Rags: Cleaning supplies for your engine room.

Rubber Mattings and Cords: Safety and sealing solutions.

Explosion-Proof Hand Lamps: Safety in hazardous environments.

Cloth and Linen: Comfort and hygiene for your crew.

Welfare Items: Ensuring the well-being of your crew.

Tableware and Galley Utensils: Kitchen supplies for onboard cooking.

Locks and Latches: Security for cabins and storage areas.

Brushes and Mats: Cleaning supplies for common areas.

Lavatory Equipment: Maintenance and hygiene supplies.

Detergents and Cleaning Materials: Keeping your vessel clean and sanitary.

Liferafts, Lifejackets, and Lifebuoys: Essential life-saving equipment.

Breathing Sets: Ensuring safety during emergencies.

Fire and Immersion Suits: Protection from fire and water hazards.

Marine Distress Signals and Pyrotechnics: Signaling equipment for distress situations.

Transfer and Descent Equipment: Safe boarding and disembarking.

Gas Detectors and Spares: Detecting and preventing gas-related issues.

Fire Extinguishers and Foam Compound: Fire safety equipment.

Navigational Lights and Shapes: Compliance with maritime regulations.

Survival Craft Accessories: Additional equipment for survival craft.

Pneumatic and Electrical Tools: Versatile tools for maintenance and repairs.

Hand Tools: Essential tools for various tasks.

Cutting Tools: Precision cutting solutions.

Measuring Tools: Accurate measurements for critical tasks.

Bolts and Nuts: Fasteners for various applications.

Welding Equipment: Tools and supplies for welding tasks.

Non-Sparking Tools: Safety tools for hazardous environments.

Barbed Wire: Security solutions for your vessel.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits: Quality provisions for your crew.

Beverages and Instant Foods: Supplies for sustenance during the voyage.

Sauces and Ketchup: Enhancing the flavor of onboard meals.

Frozen Meats and Fish: Quality protein sources.

Ice Cream and Chocolates: Treats for your crew.

Exotic and Frozen Vegetables: Variety in meal options.

Cold Cuts and Sausages: Deli items for onboard consumption.

Cereals and Pulses: Nutritious staples for your pantry.

Cheese and Dairy Products: Dairy essentials for cooking and consumption.

Dry Stores: A wide range of non-perishable items.

Manila and Nylon Ropes: Quality ropes for various applications.

Mooring Ropes and Tails: Secure mooring solutions.

Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes: Strong and durable ropes.

Links, Turnbuckles, and Shackles: Essential hardware for lifting and securing.

Hooks, Chains, Rods: Versatile tools for various tasks.

Lifting Slings and Nets: Equipment for safe lifting operations.

Gangway Nets: Safety on gangways.

Fairlead Mandal Shackle: Equipment for directing ropes and cables.

Epoxy and Modified Epoxy: Protective coatings for your vessel.

Polyurethane and Thinners: High-quality finishes for a pristine appearance.

Alkyd and Modified Alkyd: Durable paints for various surfaces.

Heat Resistance Coats: Protection in high-temperature environments.

Anti-Skid, Finish, Specialty Coats: Enhancing safety and aesthetics.

Underwater Anti-Fouling Coats: Preventing marine growth.

Airless Spray Machine and Spares: Equipment for efficient painting.

Roller and Flat Brushes: Tools for applying paint.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals: Ensuring boiler efficiency and longevity.

Fuel Oil Treatment Chemicals: Quality fuel treatment solutions.

Tank Cleaning Chemicals: Maintaining clean and efficient tanks.

Test Kits and Reagents: Tools for water and fuel analysis.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals: Preventing corrosion and scaling.

Oil Spill Dispersant: Rapid response to oil spills.

Electric Cleaning Chemicals: Maintaining electrical systems.

Air Cooler Cleaners: Efficient cleaning solutions.

Bulbs and Lamps: Lighting solutions for your vessel.

Navigation and Search Lights: Navigational safety.

Cables, Switches, and Boards: Electrical components for maintenance and repairs.

Plugs, Sockets, Alarm, and Horns: Essential electrical supplies.

Electrical Contactor and Contacts: Components for electrical systems.

Lead Acid Batteries and Chargers: Power solutions for various applications.

Explosion and Waterproof Fittings: Safety in electrical installations.

Refrigerator, Washer, Grinder, etc.: Essential appliances for the crew.

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At Alpha Ship Supplies, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our clients. Our 24/7 active team ensures that your vessel’s needs are met promptly and efficiently. With our own supply unit and a commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner for ship supplies in Miami Port and beyond. Your voyage is important, and we are here to support its success.