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Alpha Ship Supplies

We are general ship suppliers serving all US Ports, Singapore, Turkey, and Greece. We specialize in all aspects of ship supply and service, providing the entire range of provisions, cabin, bonded, safety, and engine stores. A dedicated team offers the best quality provision and technical stores sourced locally and internationally to meet every requirement.

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complete range of fresh, chilled, frozen and dry ship provisions


Bonded Stores

beers, soft drinks, spirits, confectionary, personal care, gift articles, clothing and more.


Cabin Stores

face masks, cleaning articles, galley utensils, cloths and linen, welfare items and rapid antigen tests, hardware, safety equipment and much more.


Deck and Engine Stores

Deck and engine stores including stationery items, tools, bolts, screws, steel, heavy machinery, electrical equipment and much more.

We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions, bonded and cabin stores to meet the expectation of quality for cargo, navy, cruise, and offshore industries.

Catering Stores

Single contact point dealing with all their technical store requests, at numerous ports, yards 

Technical Stores

In addition to supply business, we also provides technical support, logistics and husbandry services with its facilities and very well reputated/approved sub-contractors.

Other Services

With these facilities in every major US port, and Worldwide,we can maintain, throughout the country, the continuity of quality and service vessels required. 

quality materials & techniques